Monday, June 29, 2009


I know this is a terrible picture, but I wanted to share it anyway because I thought it was funny. I altered it to block out everyone's face so they wouldn't be recognized. I hate to put people's faces on the internet without their knowledge.

We had a little get-together this weekend to eat and watch the city's fireworks show which you can see perfectly from our backyard. While we were eating, I left the table to go get my camera and snap a few pictures. When I returned, Fletcher had assumed my position at the table and was sitting there like a big boy being perfectly well-behaved and listening to the conversation...


I almost felt bad making him get down, but I did.

Fletcher has still got the rash. And not only that, but Sammi is losing the hair on her toes! What in the world? We are not using anything different on the lawn, which would be the obvious place to start. There are no new plants or anything like that. As far as food, I did start adding some of the Gaines Burger-type stuff to their lamb & rice dry food once a week, but I started that at least twoor three months ago. I'm going to stop doing that and see if it helps at all. Food issues usually take awhile to show up and awhile to go away, so it'll be about a month before I'll know if it's working or not. Until then, I need to stock up on liquid baby Benadryl.

I slept ALL DAY yesterday, all night the night before, and all night last night. I've forced myself to stay awake today (except for a nap). I'm not taking any medicine that might make me sleepy so I don't know what's up with that. I hate feeling so tired and lazy. It's probably the heat. Good Lord, it's been HOT. Hot as in 100+ every day for a week. I think a "cool front" came through today and it's only supposed to be mid-90s, but I'm not going outside to find out.

Something weird is going on with my coffee too. I haven't been able to drink any the last two days because it tastes like ass. No ass for me, thank you. I normally have several glasses of iced coffee a day. I haven't had any coffee for two days, yet I haven't had a caffeine headache either. Hmm... It's definitely not helping my sleepy-headedness not being able to drink any.

Barnaby has been having Vietnamese coffee the last couple of weeks. He always has it when he goes out for lunch and decided to buy him a Vietnamese coffee press and make it at home too. Apparently a Vietnamese coffee press is different than a French coffee press, but I can't tell why except that the Vietnamese one is smaller and you're supposed to use the Chickory-type coffee in it. You use the press to make your coffee, then you ice it and mix it with sweetened condensed milk. Maybe I'll have him make me one of those when he gets home and see if it tastes any better to me. How can it not with sweetened condensed milk in it? We'll see. I'll give you my review once I've had some. I usually don't like my coffee sweet, but neither does he so maybe it'll be good.

OH MY GOD, Y'ALL! Did you know Michael Jackson died?? Good Lord, could we get on with it please and shut-up about it already?

Who watched my boyfriend, Shepard, on his news show today at 2:00 Central? I loved it. He spent nearly the whole show calling a car chase that was happening here in Dallas. I felt like he was nearly at my house. *Sigh*

And my other boyfriend (shh!), Anderson, will be hosting with Kelly in the morning on Regis & Kelly again. I love it when he's on. I wonder why they don't get Shepard to co-host sometimes? I'll have to send them 50 faxes and ask them why. They cannot be obviously partial to CNN, so maybe that's what I'll accuse them of. You think that would work? They sometimes have my OTHER boyfriend (shh!), Jeff Gordon, on there too. I'm sure he's too busy racing right now. I mean, uh, HE TOLD me he was too busy right now to do it.

Okay, enough of the stupidity. I'm really a blabber-mouth today. I have to go. I'm not even going to proof this for typos because I'm WILD like that. Bye.


  1. Hey Ms Chatty Cathy,You are begining to sound like me! I have knoticed all three of my dogs having little rashes too! Indy is different with weather, it has been really hot & we finally got a cooling breeze the last twenty four hours.
    Your picture is adorable. Dakota likes to jump in Sergio's spot in bed when he gets up. Then he looks at him like, what?!
    Hope you get woke up soon!

  2. Big Daddy watched the car chase and was telling me all about it when I go home from work.

    I read a great article in the July 13th issue of FIRST magazine about BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES. You need to read that article my baby sister. I was well into perimenopause by the time I was your age. You could be having symptoms.

  3. Your Mr. Man is no dummy he figure there where good pickens on the table there. Be side's Mom was not there to see him doing it at the moment. He is a cutie.

  4. OK. It took me a full minute to realize you had blurred the faces in the picture!

    Oh, and thank you for posting that reminds me to throw away that shirt so I can't wear it anymore. I look like a freakin' picnic table!

    I had a lot of fun and the food was amazing.

    Love you,



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