Friday, June 05, 2009

A Big Bore

I had a busy day today. My housekeeper came today, which always makes it hectic until she leaves around 2:00. I get up early and put the house in order and pick everything up so she can clean. That usually takes about and hour with me trying to get myself dressed and presentable in between picking up dog toys and just general stuff. She always starts in the master bathroom and bedroom which takes her about an hour and a half. I have to wrangle and corral (is it one r or two?) the dogs to keep them out of her way. Fletcher and Eli are always wandering in there and stealing her rubber gloves or rags. Then when she moves into the rest of the house, I always make the dogs stay in our bedroom until she's finished with the rest of the house. If I'm not working, I usually stay in there with them and either nap or watch something dumb on TV.

Today I stuck Abbey and Phoebe in there and took the other three to my mom and dad's for a visit. Eli got car sick on the way over there and on the way home and threw up all over the back of the Xterra. Ugh. I won't tell you what else he did because it was very gross, but you can probably guess. Pee-U! He won't be taking anymore car rides outside of a portable and washable kennel.

Then when we got back to my sparkling clean house, I hussled them all into the bedroom again where we are hiding out all night while Barnaby and his poker buddies grill brats in the backyard and then come inside to the to play poker all evening. That's where I am now making this entry. I hope there's something good on TV tonight. If not, I have my crochet stuff in here and can always do that.

I'll have to make an entry sometime soon so y'all can see Barnaby's poker room, which was my old office. It did an awesome job of setting it up and decorating. Almost everything in there is hand-made by him, including the poker table. He's a very gifted woodworker, if I do say so myself.

I also picked up the tote I made and my mother finished lining. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and get posted.

I don't have access to my personal email in here so if you've written me today, I won't be able to answer until tomorrow sometime.

That's it. What a boring entry.

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  1. Your pet babies sound just like kids grabbing things from the cleaning lady. Miss not having a dog but living in an apartment and disabilities don't allow me the pleasure so I will enjoy yours.


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