Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surgery Picture & Another New Project

*Warning Will Robinson* Don't scroll down to the second picture if you are that a word? It's not too awful-bad, but I thought I'd warn you anway.

This is the hexogonal afghan I'm making two of as fast as I can. I want to give one to my surgeon and one to his nurse when I go back for my post-op on the 29th. You'll see them both when they're finished. I'm using Hobby Lobby ILTY for both and an N hook. The pattern is HERE.

My vocal cords & one small granuloma (left) and one GARGANTUAN one (right, duh). (He must be the one eating all those Moon Pies.) The vocal cords are the lighter-colored things behind and above them. They close and vibrate when you speak making the sound of your voice. You can see how those two globular things might get in the way of that distorting the sound.

The doctor did not remove either of the granulomas. He didn't want to remove the small one because they have a tendency to just grow back even larger. He didn't remove the big one because the base of it covers too wide of an area. You can see where he drew on the picture showing how big of an area would have to be excised to get it out. He just gave me a steroid injection and also injected Botox into the largest muscle that controls the vocal cords. It will take 48 hours from the surgery for the full effect of the Botox on my voice & the spasms.

I woke up this morning with a kind of squeaky-high, weak voice. Tomorrow it should be even weaker. That will keep my vocal cords from slamming together and irritating those granulomas, which is making them grow. I will not know how effective any of this was for 6-8 months. Of course he'll do periodic checks to see if they are shrinking.

The freezing of that muscle will also stop the spasms, which also cause the vocal cords to slam together. I've only had two since surgery, and hopefully by tomorrow I won't have any.

I did get the leftover Botox put in my forehead and around my eyes. I can't tell any difference there yet. Supposedly I won't for several days.

Okay, enough of that. Time to make dinner.


  1. Love the colors you chose for the afghan. Are you using single ww or 2 strands of yarn?

    It is very interesting seeing the photo of your vocal cords, it does explain why you have difficulty with your voice. I certainly didn't expect those growths to be that large.

    I hope the Botox injections work, on both accounts. LOL

  2. Hi Pam! Good to hear you're ok and keeping busy! I wonder if and how all the furbabies are reacting to your vocal changes since surgery?

  3. Love your afghan and the color's used very pretty.

  4. I hope you are starting to feel better and I truly hope that the injections will help. Any idea what causes granulomas?

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    glad your doing good and thanks for the explanation of the vocals cords use. I thought I might have to google it to learn their purpose. BP

  6. Thanks so much for the explaination. Now, I have a better understanding. Sure hope you are getting better. So, do you sound like Debra Winger, I think I read somewhere that she had something like that.

    Have not been hooking at all this week. Too much cleaning up going on outside.

    But, I do love this combo on the ILTY. Never thought of these together. Thinking pretty fun.

    FYI- is having some great afghan yarn sales that just started today... fun books too....icks...



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