Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Shawl & The Yarn

This is really a boring post for someone who's not a crocheter, so you have my permission to skip to the bottom paragraph if you're not interested.

I'm going to spoil it a little bit by showing you the yarn Barnaby got me yesterday. Now you know the color, but you haven't seen it all worked up so there'll still be a little bit of a surprise left.

I got through row 9 as of last night. It's not an easy pattern to follow. You really have to pay attention to the instructions and pictures. I waded through a bunch of threads on the forum yesterday looking for tips and hints and revisions. I put the ones I thought would be most helpful into a Word document, so if anybody wants the instructions with the pictures and illustrations AND all the tips, let me know and I'll send them to you. There were also mistakes (at least I think so) that I came across, but fortunately I knew it and just did what I thought was right. A lot of people said the same thing about the pattern.

Okay, about the yarn...It's JoAnn's Rainbow Sensations Boucle in Dark Blue. Make sure you go online and print a coupon if you buy your yarn there! The yarn was regularly $8.99 per 11-oz skein at JoAnn's, but you can print a 40% off coupon and get it for $5.84. AND YOU ONLY NEED ONE to make the shawl! Cheap! They do sell it online if you want to buy it that way, but they didn't have very many of the prettier colors to choose from.

This yarn is very difficult to work with and takes some practice and patience. It's just a very thin strand of thread with a bunch of curly stuff all over it. The pattern calls for you to use a Size N hook, but I ended up pulling mine out and starting over with a K Hook and I thought it made it easier. In the beginning, it felt like I just had a big wad of crappy yarn with no pattern or rhyme or reason to it. But just hang in there and it starts to take shape after a few rows.

Beansie had mentioned she'd like to do one of these shawls as a crochet-along sometime. I definitely want to make more than one of these so I'm in whenever y'all are ready!


Off-Topic Note: I bawled my eyes out several times during the Farrah documentary last night. I cry so easily! Don't tell anyone, but I cry when I watch the Price is Right and somebody wins something big! I also cry at the store when I read greeting cards. And I nearly always get choked up during the National Anthem. I'm sensitive and empathetic to a fault. I think it's a disorder of some kind, ya think? I love you, man! Boo-hoo-hoo...


  1. I didn't watch the Farrah special for that very same reason. No way! I would have started bawling at the beginning and then not seen any of the rest because of tears and sniffles. Being a cancer survivor (so far) myself, I just knew I couldn't watch so much raw emotion.

    I love that you are going to post your shawl progress online. I have used this yarn before and it nearly drove me CRAZY! You are right about having to get used to it.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  2. I'm very emotional you say Hallmark movies, greeting cards..the news...the National all does the trick..Looking at my boys baby pictures....can't do it....The shawl looks lovely, it does look like Angel wings....the fuzzy yarn..started that with the off to a bad start...when you are doing a pattern for the first least for me it is important to see what I am doing...or I get confused...stick with it girl, it will be lovely... the tote...front,back and gusset done...I may be hollerin for help soon...stand by......the Farah thing..a no go...I work in ER and see enough tragedy and sadness, it is so painful some times...enough is enough.....pray for them and move on....


  3. I would love to get a copy with all the pics and tips. We are heading out to Missouri tomorrow, I think I will print out a coupon just in case we drive by a JoAnn's. BIG thanks on the coupon tip. I love the color you chose.... can't wait to see it in stitches.

    BTW you do have my email right?

  4. That's why I didn't watch the Farrah special. I knew I'd just bawl through the whole thing. I cry during reruns of the Leave It To Beaver show. It doesn't take much for me to turn on the waterworks.

  5. I'm the same way!.. Can't help it! I went to the graduation ceremony with another mother yesterday... She says she teared up maybe once... I teared up, choked up, cried like a baby at least half a DOZEN times! I don't think I've ever felt this proud EVER in my life! I just couldn't help it!!!

    Are you saying it only takes this ONE skein to make this shawl?!! Did I read this right?!! I'd love to make one too.. We'll see... Gotta finish some other things first, I think. I do love the color you picked, though!


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