Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Lunch, My Throat, Oh My

That's the dumbest title ever. Sue me.

Who knows what this is?

That's right. It's a big batch of mushed-up love. It's two avocados (because they were small, I used two) and a can of Great Northern Beans (or any white beans) all mashed together, some lemon juice, and some garlic powder. I didn't add salt because the Lime & Salt tortilla chips I'm going to dip in it are really salty.

The plate is really cute. Somebody left it at my house after a poker party and said I could have it because somebody had left it at their house. The part that is covered with the mushed-up love is striped in many colors and says "Love" in the middle. I thought it was appropriate for this recipe.


Throat Update: I've decided I can't sit around anymore and expect this to go away on its own. It's only getting worse and the granulomas are getting bigger. I made an appointment with another ENT doctor today. He's the one who can do the Botox injections into my larnyx to stop the spasms so that the granulomas can have a chance to heal. That's the theory anyway. If they're going to go away on their own, I have to stop that spasming. My insurance will pay for the Botox injections. I wonder if he'll shoot what's left in the bottle into my face? Hee-hee. My appointment is on Monday afternoon. I don't know if he'll do the injections in his office that day or if I'll have to do it as outpatient surgery another day. Stay tuned.


I've wasted the whole morning away surfing blogs. Sometimes a girl's gotta surf, ya know? Now I'm going to get up and get busy finishing up that tote bag. Are y'all sick of hearing about it yet?

Have a great day!


  1. I never get sick of hearing about your tote -- or anything you write -- but I am anxious that you get that throat issue taken care of. I really don't like reading about that as it seems just awful! Good luck!

  2. OUW! That sounds like it's gonna hurt like the devil. I hope not.
    I also hope this doctor has done this before!

  3. Pammy. what's up? I thought I left a note, and cant find where I put what the heck, I'll do it again...if this is a double
    sorry....hope you are feeling have been very busy with the hook no? The purses are really pretty....peanut butter moon pies..........hmmmmmm? I would try those...and the avocado dip,, who doesn't love avocado's and with garlic....:):) I hope that you are on the mend, and that you have a wonderful Mother's day....


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