Monday, May 11, 2009

The Game Plan

He's going to take the largest of the two granulomas out next Wednesday, May 20th, and do the Botox injection into that muscle around the vocal cords. But if he gets in there and finds that the base of the granuloma is too large, he won't take it out because it would do too much damage to the vocal cord. The smaller one he wants to leave alone because a lot of times when you remove them, they come back even larger. Should be an easy recovery with no restrictions on speaking.

The Botox will take 24-48 hours to take effect and weaken the muscle around the vocal cord that is spasming. At that point I'll notice that my voice gets weaker and weaker, but that is good because it's keeping the vocal cords from slamming together, which is what is causing the granulomas. It should take between 3-6 months for the small granuloma to go away if its going to. He said the likelihood of the granulomas going away on their own without doing anything is slim.

He is putting the leftover Botox in my forehead and between my eyebrows! For free! Yea! So I will basically be frozen from the vocal cords up. Ha-ha-ha! That was a joke. But the part about him putting the Botox in my forehead & between my eyebrows wasn't a joke. He really is going to do that. Please keep up, people.

That's all that's news. See ya.


  1. Cool! You get to look younger just like Mom! Can't wait to see you....guess we'll have to use sign language...maybe...
    Love you!

  2. Good luck with the procedure. I really do hope it works for you.

    I know a lady that received a gift certificate for Christmas for some botox treatments. When she went in to have them done she was told she "was too far gone" and they wouldn't do any good. Isn't that just awful? I'd hate to be told that so I guess I just won't bother to have it done. I already know I'm "too far gone." tee hee

  3. What a very nice doctor you have. I can't take needles so unless he would do the botox while I am out, it's not even an option here. Will they be doing this procedure from the inside or will they cut through the neck?

    Oh how very sad on the lady that was too far gone..... they should have gone ahead and gave her the shots, can you imagine having to return the gift certificate, what would she say?


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