Monday, May 25, 2009

All the Goings-On

I know I've been neglecting my journal and not updating like I normally do. There's just more than normal going on around here with my sister here visiting.

I finished the purple Hexagon Afghan last night. I'll take a picture later today and post it. Instead of another afghan for Jennifer (the nurse), I've decided to make a shawl out of the Homespun yarn that Carol sent me. I'm going to use THIS pattern. Supposedly it works up quickly, and someone over at Crochetville claimed to have made two in one day. We'll see. Since I'm using a thicker yarn and a bigger hook, it'll look quite a bit different from the picture. Well, here. Let me show you...

It'll look more like this one than the picture on the pattern.

I'm waiting for my mom and sisters to come pick me up to go to Hobby Lobby. I must stay away from the yarn, but do you think I will? No, me neither.

Then when I get home, I must work for awhile since I'm going to be goofing on Tuesday and Wednesday when my sister will be staying at my house. We're taking a house tour tomorrow afternoon through an big Victorian-type house that's been restored and all decked-out. Hopefully they'll let us take pictures so I can share some with you.

Wednesday we are going to see the Star Trek movie for sure. Other than that, I don't know yet.

We had our annual Memorial Day Weekend Family Reunion picnic on Saturday. My sister brought the coolest ice chest-type thingy with watermelon slices in it. I've got to remember to ask her where she got it. It was WAY cool, and I must have one. (Since I go to so many picnics and get outside in the heat so much.) Let me see if I can find one on the innernets right quick so you can see what I'm talking about...

Here it is!

It's a great smaller-size cooler, and it was perfect for the watermelon. She had the bottom filled with iced and then stacks of watermelon slices on top. I like it because it's not so deep that you have to go digging through a bunch of ice and stuff to find what you want. I just called her and she told me she got hers at Tom Thumb (a grocery store). There's one right next door to Hobby Lobby so I'm going to get me one while we're there.
We had really great weather for the picnic this year. It wasn't hot at all and it didn't rain as was forecast. There was a nice, cool breeze a-blowin' and I don't think I sweat a drop.
There they are...gotta run!


  1. Pamela love the shawl very pretty color. Those coolers look great for picnics and gatherings. Hope that your Memorial was super and good weather too. Hope that your throat is doing better too. Can't wait to see your finished afghan love the color's. I am making two afghans for my Uncle and wife since they love different colors making each one. Take Care.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to get out and about. Can't wait to see your pictures. I hope they let you take pictures too.

  3. Hi Pam! I have to admit, I never really knew what to expect from you when I first started visiting your blog from day to day.. what you'd make, or bake, or even SAY! I'm sure you must also remember our earliest communications! I made my mistake, and have learned lessons from that... But I am so glad we both have moved beyond that! Since your invite to crochet the 8-Pocket Tote Bag, I have enjoyed getting to know you much better, and am looking forward to another crochet-along sometime! For this, I have an award I wanted to share with you. When you have the time, it awaits you on my post for today.

  4. You always find such cool patterns. I really like the yarn in the balcony picture. Hope you have a great visit with your sister. I have always wished for a sister.

    Hey I will trade you 2 brothers for a sister.....Deal?

  5. Very Cool Cooler! I love it!


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