Wednesday, April 01, 2009


1. The granulomas are bigger. He says he doesn't really know that they are granulomas for sure, but that's what they look like to him. He doesn't believe they are cancerous just by looking at them, but he can't be positive without a biopsy.
2. The spasms are either all a part of the same thing and related to the granulomas and/or I have spasmodic dysphonia (the speech pathologist's "diagnosis". I put that in quotes because, as he told me, he can't make a diagnosis...only the doctor can do that)

1. Have surgery to have the granulomas removed and biopsied. (Relatively simple outpatient)
2. Have the granulomas biopsied but leave them in place. (Not recommended)
3. Have Botox injections into the vocal cord muscle that is spasming. This is a temporary fix, but will hopefully give whatever is causing the spasms time to heal. Re-injections will be necessary if the spasms are due to spasmodic dysphonia and not the granulomas, but there's no way to know that right now.
4. Do nothing. But he recommends if I do nothing, I have the granulomas checked at least every six weeks to monitor their growth. If they get any bigger, he strongly recommends removing them.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to do nothing for six more weeks and then have them rechecked.


I don't know why I feel really depressed since leaving his office. Maybe I thought he would magically fix it today. Maybe it's not related to the office visit at all. Maybe I'm just sick and tired of it all. Maybe it's just wearin' my ass out. Maybe I feel sorry for myself. At this point, I wouldn't not care if my entire voice box rotted out. For real. I don't like talking to anybody anyway.

Oh, WAH. Don't I sound pathetic? How embarrassing. I need to just shut up and go think about something besides myself. Now there's a prescription. Bye.

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  1. oops! I comment on the last blog post before reading this. You know me! A day late & a dollar short!
    Anyway, well, I am sure you are frustrated! Like me and my stupid "pre-cancerous" cells that we keep cutting pieces off. Just give me the damn hysterectomy! I am tired of going in every 9-12 weeks! I swear if he tells me we are doing another LEEP I going to tell them to just yank it all out!
    I am so sorry you are going through this. I am such a talker, it would kill me to have a sore throat all the time. Have you thought about a second opinion?
    Hang in there!


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