Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sundee Eats & Stuff

Super-Easy and Fast Steak, Pepper & Onion Hoagies! I got this recipe at Mommy's Kitchen. We had these today and they were fabulous. It's definitely a keeper recipe.

I used orange bell pepper because that's what I had.

Here it is with the cheese melting on top.

Ready to eat! Nice grill marks on the hoagie, huh? I have a square grill pan that you use on top of the stove. It was worth it to dirty another pan.

To to Mommy's blog to get the recipe. No sense in me repeating everything she's already written.


There's really been nothing going on. That's why I haven't been around as much as normal. Sometimes that doesn't stop me from posting, but I just really haven't felt like it lately.

Throat Update: EXACTLY THE SAME! No better, no worse. Today was a particularly bad day because the spasms started early. Once they start -- and they always do when I talk more than normal, which is usually later in the day when Barnaby is home -- I can't get more than a few words out before the spasms shut me down. That's okay I guess. The less I talk, the smarter people think I am. Hee-hee.


I've been crocheting on the black & white round ripple afghan. I botched it almost from the get-go, but I didn't know it until I was way past the point of no return. I had someone in mind to give it to, but I may have to keep it if it looks too wonky and the screw-up is obvious. The black & white colors are so pretty. I knew they would be in this particular pattern.

I'm probably going to start a tote bag tonight. I printed out the pattern and picture just now. I was hoping to use cotton yarn for it, but I don't think I have enough of one color to do it. I'll have to go dig through my yarn stash and see what I can find.


I talked Barnaby into going shopping with me on Saturday. I wanted to go to the DSW Shoe Warehouse and get some new sandals for the summer. I could not find one pair that I liked that fit me. My arch is very high, and everything I liked was too tight across that part of my foot.

We left there and went in a few other places, but I didn't buy anything. I did make a stop at Hobby Lobby for some yarn, and I ran into Rob & Schuyler. How fun. If y'all remember, Rob is Sammi's momma's daddy. Or to be more clear, I got Sammi from Rob, whose black pug is Sammi's mother. Comprende? And if you haven't read Rob's book, GO BUY IT. Rob and his family are really cool people.


Have I rambled enough yet to call this an entry? I think so. Ta-ta until tomorrow.

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