Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rookie Mistake

NEVER make a doily in variegated thread. The pattern gets lost in all the swirls of color. I'm so pissed that I spent hours making this only for it to look like crap.

This is the very same doily held in front of a blank TV screen in the dark. This is the pattern that should be apparent, and would be apparent, if I had used a single color. The top is a little weird looking because Barnaby is holding it and it's stretching, plus it's not blocked yet. This doily measures 15" x 15"...BIG!


  1. What's wrong with it? I think it's lovely and it's SO big. That is awsome.

  2. the pineapple design isn't as apparent with the thread you used for this one, but IT IS STILL GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT!

  3. Wow! The pattern is beautiful, but looks difficult! They look different in the pictures. The frist picture kindof makes me dizzy, but then again I just drank a glass of wine & get dizzy easy!
    Love to you all & Happy Easter!

  4. its such a beautiful pattern.. I never thought of the difference when using varigated thread. I need to make a mental note.


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