Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Little Progress

I got up this morning and immediately browned a roast and got it in the crock pot. It's going to smell heavenly in my house all day. I've been craving a roast for awhile, and now I'll have roast for days. Yummy!

I couldn't find any sandals that fit right at DSW Shoe Warehouse, but I did find these totally plastic shoes on clearance at Walmart for $3.00. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had! They aren't exactly beautiful, but I don't think they're terribly ugly either. I got a black pair and a brown pair.

This is a picture of me crocheting with my feet up yesterday. I wanted to show you my favorite crochet hook. It's one of those that you turn on and the end lights up so you (supposedly) can crochet in the dark. Well, that's just dumb, but it has become my favorite crochet hook even though I never turn the dumb light on. I like the way it feels in my hand. They're $5.99 at Hobby Lobby here. I'll have to get some other sizes a little at a time. Right now I just have the size H, which is what I seem to use most of the time.

I finished the front panel of the tote! Now I have to make another one exactly like it, and then do the pockets and the straps and the gusset and the trim and the flaps and, and, and...


  1. Cute shoes! Cute tat too!

  2. Cool plastic shoes! I haven't found any new sandals for this summer yet either!

  3. Oh now, GEE!!.. You're WAY ahead now! It's hard to join you for a "crochet along", when I haven't even had a chance to go out to get the yarn yet! I couldn't get out yesterday, but I'll see if I can shop for some today. I have never tried a hook like that yet, either; so I'll keep an eye out for that too, just to try it. Oh!And I like the shoes! A girl can never have too many of those, huh? Now that the snow and slush are gone for the year, it will be nice to dress like a girl again, instead of an eskimo. Finally, we can wear our pretty shoes around here again!


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