Monday, April 06, 2009

A Late Start, Uh, Restart

Helloooo! I've had a good day today. Of course, when you take a THREE-HOUR NAP after you've only been up for a couple of hours, how can it be bad? Lordie, I thought we (the dogs and I) had been asleep for about an hour when I woke up. I let the dogs out and stumbled into the kitchen and poured myself one of those itty-bitty cans of Dr. Pepper. I love those little cans. I looked up at the clock and just stood there staring at it, not believing it was actually THREE HOURS since I'd laid down. I would have thought the dogs would wake me up way before that much time had passed, but I guess not. They looked all sleepy-headed too.

I'd like to direct your attention to my sidebar and the Crochet Square Countdown. My sweet mother-in-law, Bonnie, offered to crochet a few because she was bored. I squealed with delight when I got her box of 127! Thank you, Bonnie! One hundred and forty-something to go!

I even managed to do some work today since I got up, so that makes me happy too. Now I need to go clean myself up and be presentable when my hubby gets home. I can't be a skank every day...just every now and then. Hee. I'm going to stick our leftover casserole in the oven and go sit in the tub awhile and listen to the news.

I'm also planning to get up and try to go for a walk tomorrow morning. Wish me lots of motivation to actually do it, will ya? I've got to get moving! I'm not even going to turn on the computer until I'm back.

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  1. That's the best walking plan EVER! Just don't even turn on the computer until you go. Try baby steps know, out for 10 minutes and then back. Don't overwhelm your first efforts.

    Can I adopt Bonnie? I need some things done too.

    Love ya!


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