Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm No Groomer

Eli would not sit still so I could get a good picture of the haircut I gave him. His tail is just a blur in both pictures because he was having so much fun running around on top of the cabinet. He was starting to look scraggly so I cleaned him up a little. I was going for a lion cut, but he just doesn't have enough hair yet for it to show up well.
I didn't know this, but Papillons don't start getting their permanent coats until about six months old, and it can take up to the two-year mark to come in completely. Everything I read said they will start looking bad with hair growing in every direction until their permanent coat comes in. They're right. I've been telling him the last few days that he looks like a junkyard dog.

I trimmed his belly and from his tail forward to about the shoulders. I didn't cut the long hair around his neck and didn't touch his ears, face, legs, or tail. I used a #4 electric shaver. I think when Barnaby gets home tonight, I'll try to clean him up a little more on the top of his legs. I just can't hold him still and shave at the same time very easily.

This was Sammi this morning unstuffing one of the bears. That piece of stuffing was stuck in her lip. It cracked me up.
I'm going to go crochet a few more rounds on the pineapple doily. I've finished 11 rounds of 20.
I have no idea what's for supper tonight. Maybe omelets and toast or just sandwiches. Barnaby will probably be starving because he's golfing this afternoon.
Later taters.

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  1. Your dogs are certainly adorable. Cool that you can groom them.


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