Monday, April 27, 2009

*Edited* Girlie Crochet Talk

I'm really such a dork to be so excited over a crochet pattern, but I am. I was looking through the Show & Tell categories on the Crochetville Forum and saw THIS post with a picture of a tote bag someone had made. I really didn't expect to get the pattern at all, much less for free, so it made my day today that she actually sent me a link for the FREE pattern! Yea! I absolutely love everything about this tote bag and can't wait to make it. In fact, I'm going to run up to Hobby Lobby right now and get the cotton yarn and button I need to make it. We're in the midst of a thunderstorm and rain, but I don't care! I'm going!

If any of my fellow crocheters would like to do a crochet-along with me for this tote bag, please leave a comment and let's do it. I think it would be fun! Because I'm a crochet dork! And so are you! And I can't quit using exclamation marks!

Okay, I'm outta here. Back later to show you my yarn.

I'm baaaaack!

The color doesn't show up exactly right in this picture. The color is Aqua, and it's Hobby Lobby's brand, I Love This Cotton. The contrast color for the straps and edging is Sugar & Cream, Country Stripes.

I went ahead and got enough to make two totes. These are both Sugar & Cream, as you can see, and the main color is Potpourri Ombre (the lighter one) and the contrasting color for the straps and edging is Painted Desert.

Barnaby got me the tomato plants I've been wanting! As soon as the weather clears up, I'm going to go plant them. I hope they live and thrive. I want fresh garden tomatoes!

That is all. Bye-bye.


  1. "Dare".. That was the word, right? Well, I have this pattern, "The 8-Pocket Tote" in my files already, because I like it too. I have just never taken the time to make it. I'm wondering if I'll like it more as a tote or a purse. I like big purses, as I like to carry ALL my "important STUFF" with me at ALL times! (0: I'll think about this, but I'm wondering.. My copy of this pattern doesn't say how much yarn you need. I'm also wondering if I might prefer to do it in an acrylic yarn.

  2. hmmmm, I might have to think about this one. It's really cute. Is it lined? (Must be.)

  3. Well, for me, I know the cost of acrylic will be more agreeably within my budget. If I am to tackle this project, I am thinking I might also like to make TWO, because my daughter is graduating college soon,and I know this tote would definitely be something she could use too!.. Secondly, I am wondering how much stretch there might be with cotton yarn; But your Mom helps you with the linings, right? So you probably should have no worries there.. I'm thinkin'.. I'm thinkin'!! I'll get back to you!


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