Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Funny Picture

This picture just cracks me up. I think it's so funny! I snagged it from an old entry on Scarlet's blog.

I got quite a bit further on my tote bag today. I finished the back panel and am more than half-way through the gusset. I'm not sure I even know what a gusset is, but I'm sure I'll figure out where it goes. Right now I'm guessing that it will the bottom and sides of the tote?

For anybody that's contemplating making this tote but thinks it may be too hard, believe me, it's a super-easy pattern. All the pieces and parts are made up of the same stitch. It's just a dc and an sc over and over. Simple! I am always amazed that you can make all these great things from a piece of yarn. That's partly why I like it so much, plus the fact it's just a relaxing and soothing thing to do.

I need to sign off now because it's starting to storm outside again. It's really raining hard! Bye.

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