Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crockpot Roast & Veggies

Last night's dinner was really good. You can't go wrong with roast though, can you? I'll be having the roast and some cheese in tortillas for lunches this of my favorites for lunch.

I jinxed myself by saying my voice was no better and no worse the other day. The last two days have been awful. Today it's even worse. I had spasms all night and my larnyx feels really swollen and sore today. I sound like a demon when I try to speak. I said something to Fletcher earlier, and he nearly jumped out of his skin thinking someone else was in the house! Ha-ha. Anyway, I'll be a mute today and maybe keep a warm compress on it when I can.

I don't really have anything else for you today. I'm just avoiding work because I really don't want to. I only have 8 minutes left to transcribe. Guess I better get it out of here before something else comes in. Bye.

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  1. That roast looks delicious!!.. I'm sorry to hear about your throat though, and hope it feels better soon. I'm still trying to get out of this house today to get my YARN!! I had unexpected company yesterday; and while I was happy to see them, it just threw my whole schedule off!


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