Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bang, You're Dead

So I'm sitting in front of my computer working yesterday morning like I always do. As you can see from the picture, I have a perfect view of my neighbor's house across the street. It's the only one I can see every bit of (at least from the front) without having to get up and get closer to the window.

The woman that lives there always parks her car in front and I see her come and go a lot. Her husband parks in the back so I hardly ever see him. She came out the front door yesterday, got in her car, and drove off. About 30 minutes later, she parks out front again and carries in what looks like grocery bags into the house through the front door.

About five minutes later, three police cars show up at her house. I watch them walk around her house, she comes out and sits in her car with her big blond labrador retriever, and the policemen all go inside, I presume to search her house. Their house had been burglarized in the 30 minutes she was gone and I had been staring right at it.

The bastards had gone into her backyard through an unlocked gate, kicked in her back door, and stolen all their computers and two flat screen TVs. Her dog was there inside the house, but she said he's deaf and very old and probably never even knew they were there. He lays in front of the front window when she leaves and waits for her to get home.

I thought of all the times I have run to the grocery store and left the back door standing wide open so the dogs could come and go as they pleased. But my back gate is always locked and my five dogs, three of which are not old and deaf, are probably a deterrant. I won't be leaving the back door open when I'm gone anymore, however.

So now I sit with my GIANT .357 Magnum waiting for the bastards to kick MY back door in. Of course, they never will because I'm ready for them and will blow all their heads completely off before they know what's happening.

Surprise, you thieving bastards.


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    pistol packing BP

  2. You Go Girl! I am ready to learn how to shoot now too! Two days before Christmas we had someone try to get into the house, in broad daylight! Luckily once they popped the door, my three "friendly dogs" must have scared the crap out of them! They are sweet to us but mean to strangers! Better go... Riley is barking at something now... where's my gun?

  3. I like your choice of guns very much, I think I would rather be at the grocery store then home when & if they ever come. I am glad you are confident with guns, and would pull the trigger if needed.

  4. "I don't think so, SUCKA!"



  5. Yeah...shoot first. Ask questions later. Theiving sons of bitches....


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