Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too Cute

Updated with a better picture of the Dress Dishcloth, and I added the Pineapple Dishcloth.

Little Dress Cotton Dishcloth & Pineapple Dishcloth
Little Dress Pattern: HERE

I made this little dress in about an hour and a half this morning. It was easy and fun. The colors look washed out in this picture, and something went weird with the top ring. This was the only color I had of cotton yarn other than white.

The pineapple pattern was so horrible and full of mistakes, I'm not even going to link you to it. It's so frustrating to start a pattern like that. With the few years experience I have, I can usually tell when something isn't right when I start really reading the pattern, thank goodness. Otherwise, this would have been a big mess and I'd have been crazy and cussing like a sailor instead of enjoying myself.

I don't think I'd ever really use either of these as a dishcloth, but they were fun to make. If you really want the pineapple pattern, leave your email address in the comments and I'll try to fix the pattern as much as I can and send it to you.


  1. That little dress looks like one of those things you can put on your dishsoap bottle to dress it up! How cute!

  2. Those turned out cute, I need one of those old-timey kitchens to display stuff.

    We are here once again waiting for the city to produce the constuction permit, we head off for a short trip home to do taxes then to Dallas for a couple days and back here until the job is complete..... mmmmm more brown water to drink.


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