Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweaty Sunday

I know better than to get up and immediately take a shower when it's above 70 degrees, but I did it anyway. Everything starting nice and quiet, but then I had two giant glasses of iced coffee and got antsy. I vacuumed the house, moving furniture as I went. My hair is dripping with sweat, because if I haven't told you 100 times already, I sweat like a pig. Thank you for those lovely genes, Daddy.

So I've showered twice already and my butt is nice and powdery-fresh again. We're fixin' to watch the NASCAR race at Bristol, my favorite track.

You guys need to go over to My Sister's Etsy Shop and nose around and buy something. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll see...

Large Filigree Heart Suncatcher

Mosaic Birdhouse
(So cool!)

Mosaic Serving Tray
(I'm getting a turqoise & white one. You can special order whatever you want. She even made me a mosaic cake stand made with plates I had bought at an antique store.)
Close-up of Mosaic Tray
I'm off to the races! Have a great Sunday.


  1. Too Cool!
    I am checking it out next!

  2. I get like that too! We got Daddy's sweat glads I guess. Wish you'd come over here and move all my furniture while you vacuum. I know there's bird feathers under my couch!

    Thank you for advertising my Etsy shop! Sweet!


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