Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

It's been raining and cold outside all day. I love it, but I can't seem to wake up. I've been a sleepy-head all day.

I went to a doctor appointment this morning to get my Vitamin D level checked. I requested a chest x-ray while I was there, and he wrote me an order. So that's taken care of. Nobody has called yet, so I guess I don't have an obvious huge black hole in there. (They should have checked my heart for that. Ha-ha. I'm kidding.) He gave me a prescription for an inhaler to use for the cough just to see if it helps.

When I got called back from the waiting room to the exam room, I walked really fast and didn't slow down near the scales. It worked. Nobody tried to weigh me like they always do. I've been worrying over that one since yesterday. Seems stupid now, but I just really didn't want to. I'm sure I'm not hiding a thing. They have eyes.

I bought this big jug of grapefruit at Walmart the other night. I was craving grapefruit, and it is SO GOOD. I paid $6.98 for it (64 ounces), which I thought was expensive until I saw that a bag of six small grapefruits was also $6.98. By the time I peeled them and sectioned them, I don't think I would have gotten as much as is in this jug, so I went back and got it. I'm glad I did because I've really enjoyed eating a bowl every day.

That's all. Bye.


  1. I hope the inhaler helps the cough. Keep eating the fruit! It really helps kill the appetite. Go get more!
    One of my customers gave me some grapefruit from her tree and I've been juicing them. I got a cheap juicer at Target and it works great!

  2. I love grapefruit!
    I can't help but wonder though, the RC is just to show the size, right? I think that would be a nasty combination.


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