Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You Gotta Laugh

I definitely wasn't laughing last night when it happened, but I am laughing about it this morning...

After watching 5 hours of the Westminster Dog Show over two nights, we had a really bad storm come over last night and the satellite TV went out at exactly 7 minutes before the show was over!! They were in the middle of judging the top 7 dogs to pick the champion, and the screen went black. GAH!! We searched frantically for a live feed on the computer to no avail. I even called my Mom & Dad because I knew my mom was watching it, but they couldn't get it either. (They're only about 3 miles away.)

And of course you know what happened? The satellite was restored at straight-up 10:00 when the show had ended!

I should have been much more concerned about the weather situation around us because there were tornados all around us, and I usually would have been, but I was too busy stomping around saying, "I can't believe it!" You couldn't have planned that any better to royally piss somebody off. That would make a good episode of Punked.

Anyway, I'm over it now and can see the humor in it. And I feel a little bit bad that I was all mad about a dog show when people were getting the roofs sucked off their houses at the same moment.

I turned the TV on this morning and within one minute I saw this:

"Stump, a Sussex Spaniel, who nearly died in 2004, won Best in Show at the 133rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City on Tuesday night – the oldest dog ever to receive the title."

He's a cutie.


  1. Stump was a cutie, I couldn't believe all the protesters outside the dog show. There were some real weird ones. I am glad the storm didn't do any damage............

  2. Ha! I HATE IT when stuff like that happens and I do the very same thing.... rant and rave! You are right though, it couldn't have been timed better to piss off the ice-cream man!

    I think alot of that dog show winner stuff is just political. I didn't care who won but it was great seeing all those cool dogs. One of my customers has 2 Min Pins (Miniature Pincers) and I just LOVE them. I think that's my next dog!

    Glad your house is okay after the storming that went on all around you. It's cold as an aluminum bra here!

  3. Hi yes on the laptop...I will try to post pictures here:

    They will be in the California folder.

    I will still be commenting, just probably won't post projects. I love reading about other peoples lives.

    Take care


  4. Stump is very sweet looking.

    What is up with the weather? I mean seriously, it is wacky EVERYWHERE. Scares me!


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