Sunday, February 08, 2009


The Garlic Cheddar Chicken (recipe in a post earlier in the week) was fantastic! I highly recommend it...

Here's my assembly line when I made it for lunch today. I put a single breast in a gallon-size ziplock bag (leave the zipper open) and pounded it with a meat pounder thing-a-ma-jig. Don't pound it too thin or it will fall apart. Then I'd take the flattened breast out with my hands, dip it on both sides in the next plate with the melted butter and garlic, then I'd press it into the bread crumb/cheese mixture on both sides and place it in my casserole dish which I had sprayed with Pam. (I used the store-bought parmesan instead of grating fresh.)

I only made two breasts, so I cut the recipe approximately in half, and I didn't have much leftover to pour on top at all. Since my breasts were large (hee-hee), I used 1/2 stick of melted butter and a couple of Tbsp of pre-minced, jarred garlic. I just guestimated the amounts on the breading.

Here is what my two breasts (hee) looked like just before baking them. They were huge.

Here is the complete lunch: Garlic-Cheddar Chicken, Pea Salad, and a side salad made with iceberg, cilantro, cucumber, and green pepper.
Neither of us finished our chicken because they were really big pieces after pounding them out, so we have leftover chicken for later.
Definitely a keeper! Bye.

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