Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Have a Name!

We've decided to name him Elijah and call him Eli. Seems to fit him perfectly. Every time I say it I put the emphasis on the "e" sound, like Eeee-ly, and his ears perk up and he comes running. He's still so uncoordinated he falls over a lot though.

Janis, Romeo was one of the first names I thought of because of Valentines Day, and I also thought of Lucky because it was Friday the 13th when I got him. Vito was also one of the first names I thought of because I really like it. Nobody else agreed with me...until you. We think alike!

Patsy, I like Jazz or Jazzy, but the kennel where Nicki died was "The Jazzy Dog," so that one just hits a sour note still.

I think girl dogs are much easier to name.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to stop thinking about it now before I change my mind.


  1. We like Eli! It's cool that he is already answering to it. How old is he? I can't wait to meet my new fur nephew!

  2. Yay! Welcome Baby Eli! What a great name! And what a lucky dog. Cant wait to see pictures of his new siblings getting to know him. What does Flecther,Sammi, Abby &Pheobe think of their new brother? How is Ms Kitty adjusting? Fun Fun! I love a baby in the house! Lets see more pics.


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