Monday, February 02, 2009

Just Real Quick...

Barnaby made this picture of Little Boy the day he was put to sleep. I laid down to take a nap and when I got up, it was on his computer monitor. It made me burst out laughing and crying at the same time. Now it just makes me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too. My Little Boy is up in the clouds now.

Just got back from the ENT doctor. He stuck a scope up my nose and down my throat and could see everything. The good news is that my voice box is not damaged. I have two granulomas on each side of my vocal cords. Your vocal cords come together when you speak, and mine are not able to come together because of the granulomas. They were caused by the tube down my throat during surgery rubbing against them. He's sending me to a speech therapist for about three appointments to give me some exercises that will help me speak without irritating them further, and he gave me some Prilosec to ensure that there is no acid coming up at night irritating them either. Without irritation, they may go away on their own. He wants to see me in six weeks. If they're not gone, then he'll have to go in and remove them. I have no idea how he does that. Hopefully I won't need to find out. He can't tell me whether or not my voice will always be like this. Time will tell.

There's more about the pain that's shooting from my throat to my ear, but it's just too long and involved to write down and I declined treatment for now anyway. It's not bad enough right now for me to go through a bunch of crap for it.

Gotta run!


  1. Glad to hear that it's just irritation and may go away on it's own.

    I LOVE that picture of Little Boy. Good work Barnaby!

  2. That picture made me giggle! He was so damn cute! I hope you are doing good and I hope you feel better (with the throat thing.

    Love you tons,


  3. OH! And when did Pink Panther show up on your profile...maybe I am just noticing it for the first time...but that also made me laugh out loud!


  4. I am so happy they have discovered what is causing your throat problems. I don't like the sound of the pain going to your ear. I think hearing is too important to neglect.

    Hope you enjoy your speech lessons, those should help at least in relaxing your throat..

    Take Care of yourself


  5. I love that picture of Little Boy! How lovely of Banaby to do that.

    Take care of your self, I am glad the throat thing is not more serious.

    Keep us posted!

  6. Anonymous5:12 AM

    that picture made me laugh my ass off. that is the exact picture I want in my obit with my arms out to the side like I'm flying. I think that will be my next screen saver. BP


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