Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Wanna Be Skinny Too

These pictures were in my Life & Style Magazine this week. Y'all know I like Tori. Look how thin she's gotten in just four months. I think she looks great. She was still a chub after after having her baby when I saw her picture in September. I wish I knew how she really did it!

I want to go live with a skinny person and do exactly what they do and eat exactly what they eat. I wonder if I would get skinny if I did that? I need to find a skinny woman and go ask her if I can follow her around 24-hours a day for five months. I have to ask. Otherwise, I'd be a crazy stalker woman.

I might already be a crazy stalker woman because I cut that picture out of my magazine for inspiration. Is that weird? Run, Tori, run!


Okay, I guess I won't go ask anybody. That might be a little crazy. But I would still do it if someone would let me.

My whine for the day: I'm having these really weird and painful throat spasms today. My throat feels like it slams shut down by my voice box and IT HURTS when that happens. I was up nearly all night having coughing fits. My chest hurts because of it too.

What if it slams shut and doesn't open again? I will die, that's what. GAH. No, I'll take the ink part of a pen out and jam the other part in my throat and make a trach tube to breathe through. I saw that once on MASH.

I'm not crazy, YOU are.

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  1. OUCH! My throat just had sympathy pain, is that possible? I am so sorry.
    About Tori~ one word: M O N E Y!
    If you have the money, you can acheive the look, the weight loss, the cutie trainers that help them melt it away. Oh and lets not forget the best fat burners money can buy!

    Soerry for my vent. I want to look like Tori too. Actually, I want to look like Meg Ryan!


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