Friday, February 06, 2009


I didn't get to make the Garlic Cheddar Chicken last night. I'll definitely let y'all know how it is when I get a chance to make it. I've spent the last couple of nights at my Mom & Dad's house helping my mom. She had a tiny "procedure" and needed some help at night getting up to go to the bathroom or whatever. My sister has been spending the days with her.

Anywho...I haven't gotten anything done or done anything interesting. I'm fixin' to make a couple of pans of chicken enchiladas -- I'm keeping one for us and taking the other over to them for dinner. I'm not sure if I'm staying over there again tonight or not.

I'm still missing Little Boy. I wish that heavy feeling in my heart would go away. I hate it. I have a couple of pictures that we took of him at the vet that day before he was put to sleep, but I haven't even seen them myself yet. I'll post them some day. I can't bear to look at them yet. Barnaby has them on his computer for safe-keeping until I think I'm ready to see them.

I can't think of anything else to write. Have a good weekend. Bye.


  1. Give yourself time.... it's still too fresh.

    BIG HUG.

  2. I am so sorry you are feeling down, its been 13 years since our black lab developed cancer and had to be put to sleep, and I still think of him every single day... but good thoughts..

    BTW could you spare your recipe for chicken enchiladas?

    Take Care Barbara


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