Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Hates Me

Can someone come over here and burn some sage all around my house, say three Hail Marys, sprinkle holy water, and do whatever else you can think of to run off the bad vibes or karma or whatever it is?

Short list:

Washing machine broke and leaked water everywhere. This is the second time. It's dead now for sure, and we need to get a new one. The washer & dryer are both 18 years old so we knew it could be any day, but still!

We had a flat tire in the truck this weekend (a nail was the culprit).

Sammi got sick last night and puked everywhere -- rugs, our bed, the floors, dog beds, new couch, etc. She seems fine this morning, but you never know with her. She's always had a weak tummy, and has been on her death bed with it before. Cleaning up all that stuff and washing sheets, etc. is when the washing machine decided it wasn't helping us anymore.

Of course, you all know about Little Boy, all my medical crap, and the promise of not a whole lot of work ($$) coming my way in the next few months from our best client.

I'm raising my head up and not letting all this stuff win. I will not be upset. I'm a bigger bitch than 2009! I hope.

Have a good one. I have things to do. Bye!


  1. Oh Man! I hate it when a whole bunch of stuff goes wrong like that. I especially hate "appliance and car" problems.

  2. I heard it is pretty good....can't wait to try it out..Thanks for the offer for swapping squares..I am using specific group of colors for this I am going to opt out for now...I hope things will get better for you, keep your head & spirits high...I will say a prayer for you that you receive what you need to help you through all of this..Good always triumphs.... Faith


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