Monday, January 19, 2009


Look what color my hair turned out. Ha-ha-ha! When I looked in the mirror after taking the towel off, I laughed out loud. The box said, "Bleach Blond." I swear, it doesn't matter what lighter color I put on my hair, it turns red or strawberry blond every time. It's weird because about 1/2 inch of my roots are really white and the rest is that orangy-blond color. You can't see that in the picture. I don't know why it didn't show up. Do you think it will tone down in a week or two if I wash it with Head & Shoulders every day twice a day?

I'm trying to decide whether to send Barnaby to the store for a darker color to put on it for a few minutes to tone it down or not. If I didn't have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, I'd leave it. I hate to go up there and scare everybody half to death looking like a weirdo orange-headed lady, especially since last time they saw me my hair was dark brown.

What the hell. Maybe I'll just go up there like this for fun. Or maybe I'll wear a babushka. (I don't think I've ever used that word before!) It's funny though.

Blondes have more fun? I'm sitting here listening to the clock tick and waiting for all the fun to begin....maybe a bunch of people will jump out of the closet for my surprise party or a basket of puppies will be left on my porch.


  1. leave it...I like it. Besides give it a day or so and it might grow on you

  2. ooooOOOO! BRASSY, huh? It should tone down after a few washes but you don't want to dry your scalp out too much, so take it easy. If you want to really bleach it out blond, you'll probably have to go to a professional colorist to have it done. Otherwise, you could end up with purple hair or hot pink. That actually happened to me a couple of times. Once I had red and pink hair and another time the ends of my hair turned olive green.

  3. My friend colette (the stylist) told me that if you are going to buy and use a box color and you have natural red tones in your hair (like we do) you should look for a color that has ASH in the light ash blonde or something like that. There is a toner in there that helps to cancel out some of the red tones. You can also go to a Sally's and ask them for some kind of toner that will tune out the red. You would use that as an after color rinse and only leave that in for a few seconds (like 30 or something)


  4. Wow! Now that is a Barbie Doll color if ever I saw. You go girl!

    As far as the more fun... do you really want people jumping out of the closet let alone a basket of puppies (to train, mind you!).

    What do the dogs think? Bandit doesn't recognize me when I change mine and will growl for a couple of days. He doesn't see well.
    Does your hiney like it? Could be fun to have blond hair. I tend to have had more fun with blonder hair, I guess.

    Love You Blondie!


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