Monday, January 19, 2009

I Tried Dying it Brown

Thank all of you for your comments. If I knew you'd comment so quickly I'd have waited to see what y'all said. I'm going to try what my son said tomorrow or the next day and see if I can get something at Sally's to help it.

Here is my hair now after putting a darker color on top...

Bwaa-ha-ha! It's exactly the same! I couldn't believe it when I took the towel off my wet hair and saw it. Lordie. Now I have to walk around like this with my parents tomorrow when we go to the doctor! (My parents and I are going together because my dad has an appointment with the doctor too.) I remember my hair turned that same color of orange one other time and it wouldn't take any color. I had to wait a couple of weeks before it would take any color.

I know.......Tomorrow I'll ask Dr. M what he did to me to make my hair turn orange! It's the anesthesia! Yeah, that's it!

Okay, not really. Maybe a bandana?? Nah, I look like crap with anything on my head -- scarves, bandanas, hats, etc. I look ridiculous in any of those.

So my options are:
  1. Look ridiculous in a hat.
  2. Look ridiculous with orange hair.
  3. Wear a wig. (I don't have one so that's not technically an option.)
  4. Cancel my appointment and hide in my house for a week until I can dye it again. (That's not really an option either. I need to go for that appointment because I have lots of questions.)
Why didn't I wait another day to dye my hair? Why?
  1. I'm stupid.
  2. I'm an idiot.
  3. I'm a stupid idiot.
  4. All of the above.

The only thing that bothers me, really, is that I have to go out in public. It doesn't make me anxious in the least that my hair is orange, except that I have to take the time to dye it yet again in a week. My hair just doesn't make me freak out like it does some people. It can be fixed.

Okay, I'm tired. I'm heading to my happy place to read magazines.


  1. Just go for it...dig out those hair clips the mall hair stand sold you w/ the hair pieces, decorate your hair and smile. Act normal and see what kind of reaction you get from everyone.

    HaHa! JK. I wish I was that brave. i have a buddy that would totally do just that!

    Seriously, Just relax. It is a pretty shade, I am sure it looks fine.

  2. Just act like you meant for it to come out that color..."I'm updating my look." Although,your idea of blaming it on the anesthesia is hilarious! I'm tellin' ya though.... a professional colorist can fix it TODAY and you won't have to wait.

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM

    It doesn't look bad in the pics.


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