Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Love 70's Rock & Roll

I was just sitting here listening to Foreigner perform live on Ellen, and they sounded really good! I was surprised. I thought they'd come on there and be all old and sound old. It's hard for anybody to sound good live, but they did it. And that lead singer has a huge mouth full of beautiful teeth and great-looking shoulder-length hair.

That's all.


  1. Gosh! I am sorry I missed that. I loved Foreigner years ago!

  2. Their lead singer (Lou Grammatico - A fine Italian boy) graduated from the same high school my kids did. He still lives in the area too. Great guy, does lots of charity work. Had a run in with lymphoma or something a few years ago, pretty scary for a while. Think he's comfortably in remission at the moment.

    Their song about racing down Lake Avenue? Too true. It's still a gathering spot for all the local hot rodders.


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