Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just took a shower, fixed my hair, put make-up on and got dressed to try and fake myself out that I felt great. You know, put on a happy smile and all that crap. I don't think it worked, but if anybody comes over, I'm ready baby.

While I was putting my make-up on and filling in my eyebrows, I contemplated why I had to fill in my eyebrows at all. The reason is because quite awhile back, I decided it would be a good idea to shave them off to reshape them because I liked the way Kat Von D's eyebrows looked....
Exhibit A:

Please do not ask me what I was thinking. I have no idea. I'm so sure those eyebrows would be attractive on me. DUH. And then my own eyebrows never totally grew back in, so I have to fill them in. At least I didn't try to copy all her tattoos...

Exhibit B:

And that's just her upper body. But isn't she really pretty, though? Maybe in a weird, rocker-chick, grungy, tattoo-lovin' sort of way? I'm facinated. I want her lips. No, not THAT way...maybe. Just kidding. You know what I mean.

I feel all out-of-sorts when I sit down at my desk and computer these days. I feel all out of the loop and behind. Normally by now I would have all my 2008 files and folders all boxed up and the 2009 ones made and ready to go. I've done none of that. My desk calendar is still on December. Help me! I'm stuck in 2008!

And that BIG FAT tax worksheet my CPA sent me is sitting on my desk staring me down. Make it stop. I don't wanna.

I have a feeling I'm going to feel behind like this all everybody went on ahead of me and I'm running to catch up.

Anywho...Last night I was sitting in bed reading the latest InStyle Magazine and I impulsively starting cutting out pictures. I had the grand idea that I was going to make a collage of a bunch of things I was going to use as rewards for losing weight. Yes, I'm 48 years old and making collages like I'm 7. Whatever. Something might actually work one of these days. I can only remember one of the things I cut out now, and that was a box of blondish-red hair color. I'm going back when I lose some weight. Looking at this brown hair is boring me to death. I'm also growing it out. I am!

I'm always cutting stuff out of magazines that I'm going to cook or buy or look at online. In the morning I look at this big pile of stuff I've cut out, and I wad it up and throw it away. Very few things actually make it to my desk for action. I haven't thrown the collage pictures away. I think I'll just keep adding to them and then throw them away, I mean, make that collage.

Rumor has it that my dad is coming over in a little bit. I've gotta go. Oh wait. No, I don't. I'm already ready for company. But I'm going anyway and see what Fletcher has destroyed in the backyard since I've been writing this.


  1. Actually, cutting pictures out of magazines is very theraputic and is good to put in a "goals" journal. I just use a plain old spiral notebook and tape the pictures to the pages. This really works! I promise!
    Don't wait till your hair grows.... color it NOW! You look amazing with lighter hair. The brown kind of makes you look like a hard ass. Ha ha! I love you no matter what color your hair is.

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Ummmm those rolls look good. BP

  3. You so make me laugh! I can see me doing something like shaving my eye brows off (actually I would pluck them out!)
    I use to take Victoria Secret pictures to my hair stylist and beg her to make me look like them (Stephanie Seymour, mostly). Somehow I never looked like them!
    Maybe I should try to cutting out spiral notebook idea. It does sound theraputic.


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