Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Happie Hair

I am feeling really good. Getting back into work was a good thing. Doing the exercises the doc gave me are helping a lot.

My hair is no longer orange. It's back to my "normal" color -- kind of a strawberry blond without too much strawberry. Too much strawberry = Orange! Who knew? Thank you, Aaron, my baby boy, who is not really a baby boy anymore because he's 28 but will always be my baby boy, for helping your momma out. Dang. Was that a run-on sentence or what? Must be the coffee and Starbucks' Energy Coffee Drink combo I had this morning.

Now my hair is going to be "Big" and "Happie," and yours can be too! Go HERE for the scoop. All the cool girls are doing it. I ordered mine yesterday. My hair will soon be long enough to poof it up and I need help poofing it. Baby-fine hair does not poof easily without help, and I refuse to tease mine. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard or something.

Barbara Bradford: Send me your email address. Apparently I've been sending emails and comments on your blog and they are lost in space and/or deleted and you've not gotten them. I thought I had offended you and you hated me because you weren't answering me! (I'm paranoid like that.)

I don't think I mentioned that we bought new furniture? We couldn't find the perfect club chairs that we wanted so we bought two leather loveseats that have recliners built-in for the living room. They will be delivered tomorrow and I'm excited. I'm pretty sure we'll be buying a new coffee table or at least getting rid of the big square one we currently have. I love it, but it's just too big. Or maybe we'll have no coffee table and just use side tables. We'll see. We haven't had any furniture in our living room for several months now except for the two recliners I bought on Craig's List a while back. Those are going to the dump.

I swear I am going for a walk today if it's the only thing I do! I have to finish up one work project first, and then I'm hitting the street. Alone. No dogs. I can't take any yanking on the leash yet. Maybe I'll take Abbey. She doesn't yank on the leash, ever. Did that sound nasty?

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  1. Bumped up hair is cool again? I didn't know that. I saw one girl at the bank the other day that had bumped up hair and I thought it looked so... 60's. (sigh...) Guess I'm too old to be cool any more.

    Hope you post pictures of your new furniture! I'm glad you are feeling good.


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