Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to Work

I was back at work starting Wednesday, and I've just been too busy or too tired to write here. I'm trying not to work for too long without getting up and resting, but it's hard. Seems like it takes me forever to do anything because I'm always getting distracted by the dogs or house work that needs to be done or just whatever. Once I finally get focused enough to work, I hate to stop because I know I'll get sidetracked doing something else. I swear I should be the poster child for adult ADD.

Okay, you might want to sit down for this one...I walked on the treadmill yesterday. Woo-hoo. Can you feel my excitement? I was all happy with myself all day yesterday because of it. And then today came and all I did was dread getting on it again. So I didn't.

I think I've been burned out on crocheting the last few days. Between working and doing little chores around the house, I just want to sit and do nothing or lay down and do nothing.

My hair is still orange. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and got some stuff to fix it, but I just haven't done it yet.

I'm going to go look around on and see if I can find something I want to cook or bake. Barnaby is doing some super-secret squirrel stuff tonight and will be a little late.

Y'all have a nice weekend.


  1. It's the weekend! Pamper yourself!

  2. How was work, kinda of getting worried here that it might have been to much for you, or are you just busy baking?


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