Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another Finished Project

I really enjoyed making this afghan. It's supposed to go on top of your bed or on the back of your couch. I'm giving this one away, but I haven't decided to whom yet. I have several people in mind that I need a gift for, and this would be a great one. Maybe I'll just make several and give one to everybody on my list.


  1. What a pretty afghan, it looks like it is quite large? Definitely someone is going to be very lucky. Can't wait to see your next RR's

  2. GORGEOUS AFGHAN!!!!!! I didn't know you were making a round one! How cool!

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL! How do you do it? I know how to crochet, but just ugly long uneven...things. Not even a scarf. I really have never finish something. You should sell these.


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