Thursday, December 04, 2008

How Embarassing

I asked Barnaby to order THIS for me online last week. He was kind enough to do so, BUT, unbeknownst to me, he put my name as "Hottie Pam" with my last name AND put the wrong address on it. He was only off by one number so one of my neighbors got it. It just so happens that it was a neighbor who is new to the neighborhood and we have not met.

The company called me this morning and left a message saying that my order had been delivered to the wrong address, and whoever received it had called them to tell them they had it. They were calling to get my correct mailing address so they could call this person back.

I got my courage up to go tell my new neighbor that I am "Hottie Pam,", and may I have my package please? Thankfully, as I stepped out the front door, the box was on our porch. I guess they figured it out somehow and brought it over and left it there. I'm surprised they didn't ring the doorbell so they could get a look at "Hottie Pam" and see if she is indeed Hot. What a surprise they would get seeing me answer the door in my mismatched men's pajama pants and printed tee-shirt, my hair standing straight up, no make-up, and fluffy pink house shoes on my feet.

I think I'll order my own stuff from now on.


  1. Sheesh! Doesn't that man know his own address? Maybe it was keyboard madness or something. Now I think "Hottie Pam" is cute! How sweet that he thinks of you like that!

  2. Anonymous5:38 AM

    that made me laugh and of course think that I need to figure out your new neighbors address so I can send something to sexy Pam, then naughty monkey Pam and so on

  3. OMGosh! I love that!


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