Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rearranging Stuff

All that straightening and cleaning made me want to rearrange furniture, so we spent a huge part of the day Friday rearranging the master bedroom, and then Friday evening my son came over to help Barnaby move my office into the front room. I was just too pooped after doing the bedroom to do anymore, AND I shouldn't be moving heavy stuff anyway because of my back and neck/shoulder, so Shaun came over and happily helped. Afterwards, we gave him a couple of beers and pizza, and then he and Barnaby watched a movie. I slept most of the time.

So now I feel like I have a brand-new office to work in and a brand-new bedroom too. I just love rearranging furniture and shakin' things up. Afterall, I do spend nearly all my time in this house. It's nice to have a change now and again.

I've been listening to music this morning. THIS is my new favorite song. Give it a listen. You'll like it. I downloaded it this morning from iTunes for my iPod and computer. I saw him perform it live on the Bonnie Hunt Show last week. Before then, I had never heard of Joshua Rabin. I think he's terrific and enjoy listening to his songs. He reminds me of James Taylor a little bit, and I love James Taylor.

I love Bonnie Hunt too. She's always been one of my favorite people on TV. I always watch David Letterman when I know she's going to be on. I catch her show nearly every day while I'm working.

I'm just lovin' everybody today, aren't I? Well, that's not a bad thing. At least I'm not hatin' and being crabby.

Do you want to know something really stupid I did the other day? This is one of the things I've done lately that let's me know I'm getting old and my mind is not as sharp and quick as it used to be:

I had just gotten up one morning and walked into the kitchen to make some coffee and feed the dogs, just like I always do. I glanced up and saw a picture of two dogs on my refrigerator that I didn't recognize, and thought to myself, "Whose dogs are those on our refrigerator, and who hung them there?" As soon as those questions entered my mind, I realized what it was. It was a dog calendar I had hung there at least two months ago. Jeez. Could I be anymore of an air-head? That is so dumb.

Something else that I do now that let's me know I'm not as sharp as I once was: I cannot kill a fly with a fly-swatter to save my life. It's not that I don't WANT to kill a fly. It's that I swat at it and miss by several inches. How is that possible? My hand-eye coordination is totally off. How old am I, 85? Lord have mercy, I'm an old person!

I thought things like that would never happen to me, but here they are happening. Hmpf. Boon Pappy and I are always laughing about stuff like that. We are waiting to see which one of us falls and breaks a hip first.

Oh! Look at my new, custom-made, built-in silverware drawer that Barnaby made...

Are you jealous? You should be. It's fantastic. The old one was always slipping and sliding and nothing fit right, and it was just generally a pain in the ass. He's doing a couple more drawers for me where I keep big knives and other kitchen utensils, and then he's doing the junk drawers too.

I gotta go. I bid you good day.

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  1. Cool drawer utensil organizer! I could use Barnaby's skills around here.
    Hey, give yourself a break on the dog calendar thing. You hadn't had any coffee yet that morning. That's always the excuse I use. If I have had some coffee, I just say I haven't had ENOUGH coffee.

    By the way... just loving that afghan you sent to me. I've taken several naps with it and it's great for covering up on the couch on those migraine headache nights too!


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