Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mindless Blather

Half a can of Java Monster Mean Bean and half black coffee makes a terrific drink.

I managed to do some work yesterday AND accomplish everything on my list except finishing the afghan. That's the thing that always gets pushed to the bottom of the list.
Interesting and unexpected news: My 73-year-old mother broke her foot chasing a cow through a pasture. She's fine but has to wear a boot-cast thingy for at least three weeks. Not long ago I told her I had a very vivid dream that she fell so to be careful. It was one of those dreams that didn't feel like a normal dream. She told me she thought about that when she fell.

The roast I put in the crockpot yesterday morning turned out to be part of a fabulous dinner. It tasted so good. I made gravy with the drippings, roasted some potatoes and carrots, and doctored a can of seasoned French-style green beans to go with it. I made some Mississippi Mud cake to have for dessert. The cake was a little much. I could only eat a couple of bites. That stuff is gag-me sweet. It's much better with just black coffee on an empty stomach. It's definitely Three O'Clock Coffee food.

For those not in the know: Three O'Clock Coffee is a tradition with my family. I have upheld the tradition in my home, and we always make a fresh pot of coffee and have a snack at 3:00 p.m. each day. I'm usually by myself during the week since Barnaby is at work, but I still always have iced coffee and a snack. If it's cold out sometimes I'll make a fresh pot of hot coffee, but usually it's cold coffee for me. I guess it's the Southern U.S. equivalent of Four O'Clock Tea in England.

Here's some shocking news: I've read two whole novels this week! Wow. That's really something because I've had the attention span of a gnat the last few years and haven't been able to read an entire book. I accidentally ran across a book by an author who had written a series of books I read several years back. Charlaine Harris is her name, and she writes mystery novels. She has at least three different series now. I read a new one in a series I had previously read, and went back and got another one in a new series. I was disappointed to discover it was a vampire-themed series, and I was pretty sure I'd lose interest and never finish it. But I was wrong. I read it in three nights. It wasn't fantastic, but apparently it was good enough that it held my interest. I'm going out sometime today on a quest for more of her books -- not the vampire ones though, unless that's all I can find.

The Two Books I Read This Week.

Justed wanted to show y'all how gigantic my Lantana got this year. I've never had it get that big before. That monstrocity came from two small plants I bought at Lowe's. It has been blooming constantly since I planted it in the spring, and it's now November 21st and going strong. I have a feeling it will shrivel up soon with the colder weather we've been having.
I'm off to try and crochet for awhile. Barnaby just took a shower and is looking antsy. I bet he tries to get me to go to Lowe's or something. I do want to get out and get another book so we'll see.


  1. I'm calling Mom right now!

  2. Anonymous8:27 AM

    your Mom broke her foot chasing a cow through a pasture???? WTF. Makes it sound like she lives in Hootersville. BP


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