Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm Coming to Get You, Fetchie!

I missed Fletch so much last night and today. I get to go pick him up at 3:00 this afternoon. At first it was really nice and quiet around here without him, but last night I kept missing him laying in my lap and sitting at my feet. I kept looking at Barnaby and saying, "I miss my dog!"

I've had a smashing headache since about 10:00 this morning. I need to go eat lunch and have some coffee and see if that will help. And can you believe I still have that dang crick in my neck and left shoulder? It's been around for over a week now. Those are all my body aches for the day.

I do have some pictures and a recipe or two coming, but right now I need to find my camera cord and then nurse this brain aneurism so I can drive and pick up Fletch. I have to take Sammi with me because she has to get a booster shot of some kind. I'm curious to see if she'll be happy or not to see Mr. Man and his thang.


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