Monday, November 10, 2008

A Closet Overhaul

I spent all day yesterday completely emptying the master bedroom closet , cleaning it, sorting clothes & shoes (saving some and putting a lot aside to give away to charity), and trying to reorganize everything. I had to make a run to Walmart for a couple of shoe-hanging bags, some shelves, and some decorative storage boxes & bins. It took me the entire day just to deal with my shoes. I ended up giving away 23 pairs and keeping 54 pairs. I didn't think I had that many shoes! How ridiculous. I already had all my shoes in boxes with labels on each one, but those boxes took up a lot of room and I was trying to make more, so I got rid of them.

I only spent about two hours on the clothes because it was 8:00 pm and I was tired of it all by that point. So today I need to finish with all the clothes, which means I need to clean out the armoir too. A lot of that stuff is going to be given away. I plan to have lots of room when I'm finished.

I filled up three 30-gallon trash bags so far, and I'll probably have at least two more filled up before I'm finished. It's going to feel so good to have it done and all that stuff out of here.

I didn't do any cooking or baking over the weekend. Hopefully I'll get the time and energy to do some this week. It's rainy and cool here today. It's a good day to get things done in the house and maybe bake something if I get the closet done.

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  1. Glad to hear I'm not the ONLY shoe-hog in the family! Good job! I started cleaning out my closet on Friay but didn't take everything out like you did.


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