Monday, October 27, 2008

Hurry Up November!

I will be seriously glad to get this month over with. Ever since I got back from the San Diego trip, I've been an emotional cripple, and that was before Granny passed away. I have no idea what the matter is with me or if it's even me. I'm hoping it's the moon or something stupid like that instead of it just being me. I just feel all empty and needy. I feel like something is not quite right in my world, and I can't figure out what it is. Yuck. I hate feeling needy.

Anyway, I'm hoping that November 1st will magically make me all better, and I apologize for being such a bummer here this month.


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Its just a cycle. Maybe you should dress up for Halloween and go grocery shopping. It could work
    BP. Keep blogging!

  2. I agree with BP. I think you should dress up Sammy in that costume and take photos for your blog. Can't wait to see her in that thing!

  3. I'm hoping that November will magically make things better. So many people I know have these blues, including me.
    I do hope we get to see Halloween shots of Sammie and brothers/sisters!


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