Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting Back in the Swing

I hate it when I don't update regularly. It's so easy when I miss a day to just keep on putting it off and out of my mind, and before I know it, many days pass without me making an entry. I really like keeping this journal and have to make it a priority to make an entry every day or it will wind up just another dead chunk of someone's life floating in cyberspace. My "blog" is very personal and cathartic for me, even though it might not seem that way to others.

By the way, I never did tell y'all that Barnaby and me started speaking again on Saturday afternoon. The argument/fight/spat/Mexican standoff was over something silly, as most marital spats are. (Between happily-married people anyway.) I probably shouldn't call him an asshole "in public" here, but I did it anyway. Everybody's an asshole sometimes. He rarely reads this so I doubt he even knows it. Apparently my blog bores him. Ha.

I'm working on a Lumberjack Flannel Afghan like this one now, except mine is black & red. It's going really quickly, and I hope to be finished with it in a week or less. I'm at the half-way mark now, although I may need to do an extra row or two because I'm crocheting it pretty tight (tightly?).

I made a Coconut Cream Cake yesterday. I wish I hadn't used the coconut extract because I never like the fake taste it creates. I should have just used vanilla extract instead. It's not stopping me from eating it though! This is the first dessert I've made in a long while, for me at least. I think cooking and baking is like keeping up with this blog...once you get lazy and don't do it for a day or two, it quickly becomes habit to be lazy and just throw sandwiches or a frozen something or other together for dinner and have store-bought crap for sweets.

Sadly, there is nothing else to tell y'all about even though I haven't written much here lately. I've just been workin' and crochetin' and hangin' with my doggies.

Oh, speaking of doggies, Fletch is not being given away on Craig's List. He's back in my good graces. Nobody really thought I was serious, did they? I was just pissed and spouting off again. He's learned to shake hands, and I'm teaching him to ring the bell like the other dogs do. (It's a different bell than what hangs by the back door. He has that one down pat.) We just started on that one today, and he was doing it after just a couple of tries. I'm just not sure if he knew what he was doing or not. He was so excited over the food I was giving him, I think he was just doing anything he could think of. He was dancing (spinning around in circles) and trying to shake my hand, and he might have just accidentally hit the bell a couple of times. He's going to get it quickly though. I'm going to teach him to crochet a granny square next.

It's getting all cloudy outside. Or, as my grandparents always said, "It's comin' up a cloud." We're supposed to get rain all afternoon, and that makes me happy.

See ya.

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  1. Ha ha ha! If forgot that Granny and Pa Paw used to say that about the weather. Thank you for reminding me (happy dancing!). I was about to e-mail you because I kept coming to your blog and ....nothing new. I just figured you were busy with work though.
    Glad Fletch is back in your good graces. I hope he behaves himself. I wish I had a bell so I could teach Savvy. She loves to learn new things but I've run out of ideas. We tried to teach her to hold a dog biscuit on her nose and then toss it up and catch it.... but she never could quite get the idea so we gave up.

    Glad you and Barnaby have made up. You're right... spats happen but they usually get ironed out.
    Love you!

    Oh yeah... new afghan is going to be waaaaay cool!


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