Friday, September 19, 2008

Mostly Dog Stuff

*No Sugar Day 12*

Mr. Man woke up this morning with Cherry Eye...

DAMMIT!! That's two dogs in a row that have had it when I'd never heard of it before in my life. What's up with THAT? I'm glad I put off having him fixed. Now he can have it all done at the same time like Sammi did (neutered, microchip, cherry eye). My vet did a fantastic job with Sammi's eye, and we haven't had any trouble with it since.

Supper yesterday: Black Bean Soup

I just finished cleaning the back porch. It was nasty. It's amazing how filty it can get when we haven't spent any time out there in weeks. I took all the furniture out into the yard and washed it off, threw away a bunch of crap, cleaned up all the planters and plants, washed off the porch, and put everything back.

Fletch chased the water hose the whole time. I think he's worn out now. Good. Let the little shit sleep for awhile! Yesterday I found him on top of the bathroom counter just standing there looking at me. He finally figured out he could jump up on the toilet seat and get up there to get Kitty's food. I guess I need to go buy ANOTHER baby gate to keep him out of there now. I found the last two baby gates at a garage sale for $2 each. These are the baby gates I have up now:

Master Bedroom: I keep one up to keep him out of there during the day. The dogs are only allowed in there at night.

Laundry Room: That's where the cat litter is. The nasty-asses will get in there and eat her doo-doo if I don't lock them out.

Extra Bedroom: They aren't ever allowed in there.

My Office: I keep them locked in there with me when I'm working most of the time. Otherwise they'd get in trouble. I'm surprised Fletch hasn't learned to open the fridge and make himself a sandwhich. He's a smart little booger.

And now the main bathroom needs one. I don't just close the doors because Kitty needs to get in and out of most of those places. Those are the only places she can get any peace. She does come out and join us in the living room in the evenings, and they don't bother her much. She just gives Fletch a good slap on the head with her clawless paw, and he takes the hint. I'm pretty sure she could take him in a fight.

I'm starting to feel the effects of not eating sweets. I feel thinner, but I'm still not weighing until October 1st. I'm curious to see how much weight comes off just changing that one thing.

I went to a website yesterday that had tons a sugar-free dessert recipes. I wasn't there long when I decided that it wasn't a good idea to start making sugar-free cake and sugar-free cookies, and sugar-free this and that. We did that once when we had both lost a lot of weight on Marilu Henner's program. We started eating a few "legal" things like chocolate chip cookies made with turbinado sugar and dairy-free chocolate chips. It was right about that time that we both started cheating little by little until we weren't following the program at all. It's best for us just to stay away from dessert-type stuff altogether.

I'm gonna get some make-up on and go get my hair cut as short as possible without being bald.


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  1. Those baby gates are really handy. Check your craig's list for one.... I saw them at Big Lots here too (Use to be Pic and Save).


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