Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm FAT...Again!

And it's not cute like this.

I guess I need to get over it and learn to live happily with myself just as I am. Countless diets, exercise, starving, diet pills, and even two surgeries have been unsuccessful. I take the blame for having no discipline. I don't understand how I could want something so badly -- something that is certainly within my control -- and still not be able to accomplish it and maintain it.

I hit that horrible number on the scale this morning and just needed to vent. Y'all don't comment on this subject, okay? That is, unless you have some magic pills and want to send me some.

And now I'm going to eat a piece of cheesecake. Ha-ha-ha! Not really, but maybe, because there IS one in my fridge that keeps calling me and won't shut up. Okay, I probably will eat some. Let's be real. No, wait. Let's not be real. We don't have to because this is a safe place where we can pretend and nobody will know. I love it here.

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