Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'll Keep Him

I meant to mention this earlier but I forgot...

I went out and bought two pairs of jeans last night, and it was so painful to have to buy that bigger size. I wouldn't have done it, but I need something to wear for the upcoming trip to San Diego. Ugh. I'm telling you, it was physically painful in my chest. You know that broken-heart feeling? Some of you might think I'm just being dramatic, but it's really the way I felt. It's hard to be in denial when you're clothes shopping and trying things on.

I snapped at Barnaby and yelled at him about something really stupid later in the evening and had to apologize. I knew it was just because I was feeling bad about myself and being pissy. He understood like he always does. I wonder what I did to deserve such a great husband. He's all mine, girls! He loves me fat or skinny or in-between, and he even loves me when I'm being Miss Pissy Panties.

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