Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Doh! #1, #2 & #3

Doh! #1

I was tricked into attempting to peel boiled eggs again using a "trick" that was sent to me via email on YouTube. Just for the record, it doesn't work. You just look like an idiot blowing on an egg.

You can see the marred eggs in the bowl to the left of the sink, AND my stopped-up sink from the egg peelings. As if I wasn't annoyed enough from the eggs! Grrrrr...

So instead of deviled eggs, I made egg salad for samiches tonight. I used the boiled eggs and mashed them up, added a small amount of chopped onion, lots of chopped celery, black pepper, and real mayonnaise.

Doh! #2

This should be a perfect dinner since Barnaby just called me and said he'd be late tonight due to an IA investigation he was assigned to today. Even though he doesn't run that department anymore, the Chief wanted him on it. I don't know why he was forced to transfer out of there after five years, because the Chief keeps pulling him back in there for "special" investigations anyway. Barnaby loved that job and did everything he could to keep from being transferred to no avail. You see, it's policy that no one stays in a position "inside" more than five years, but patrolmen can stay outside and rot for an entire career. Supposedly, staying in a position too long breeds corruption. I guess you can't be corrupt on patrol or if you transfer around? Whatever, Dudes.

I got off on a tangent there. Sorry.

Doh! #3

I'm not working because we had a power outage about 30 minutes into recording the hour-long Webcast and I lost it all. Now I have to wait until tomorrow and record it when it's available for re-viewing.

Nothing is working right today! I don't care. I'm still happy and in a good mood. I should be a big crabby-ass, but I'm not. I keep hearing sirens from the Fire Dept. or EMS in our neighborhood. I'm not the only one having a bad day. At least I'm not being whisked away by an ambulance. I usually don't hear any of those sirens. It must be the high winds carrying it this way.

I may post yet another entry today because I'm bored and I don't want to crochet. Check back often if you're bored too.

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