Monday, September 08, 2008

Blah, Blah, Crochet, Blah

I haven't left the house since sometime last week -- whatever day it was that I went to the grocery store and got the stuff for that cheesecake. I've been a crocheting fool. Thank goodness my arm and hands have not been sore at all and that has allowed me to crochet as much as I want.

I started these two new projects:

The top strip is the beginning of a diamond afghan that I saw HERE (second one on the right of that page). I searched high and low for the pattern on the Internet but couldn't find it. I also emailed the lady who owns that website and asked her if she'd share her pattern, but she didn't answer me. So I figured it out on my own using the picture of hers. I made mine seven rows of diamonds longer because I wanted a bedspread instead of a smaller afghan like hers. I should have made it about 15 rows longer, but now that I've spent a few hours on it, I'm not going to rip it out and start over. My beginning chain was plenty long, but it shrunk up once I got a few rows in.

The colored squares will eventually be sewn together to make a scrap afghan. You can see a finished one HERE. It's similar to the 4th one down on the right side of that page.

Note to Patsy: I also worked some more on your afghan. It will be done one of these days! I'm going to mail you that heart hot pad I made last week. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Luggage space will be limited when we come in October so I need to mail it instead of bringing it with me.

Am I boring y'all to death with all my crochet talk lately? So sorry if I am. It's the only thing I have to talk about since that's all I've been doing! I've neglected all my housework but thank goodness my hubby is a real sweetie and has done a lot of it, including the laundry. I absolutely have to get out and do the grocery shopping today sometime.

I also have lots of REAL work to do today so no there'll be no crocheting until tonight. I need to shut up and get crackin'.

Boon Pappy sent me THIS LINK to a blog that looks interesting if you're into asian cooking. I'll have to look at it more thoroughly later and pick something to make. Some of you might enjoy looking at it too. Thanks, Boon Pappy! XOXOXO

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  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Your welcomed.........OK super dork, I laughed hard when you told Patsy you had to mail the heart because luggage space would be tight. I guessing that the heart won't keep you from shutting your suitcase, DORK! BP


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