Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I spent ALL DAY yesterday looking at templates and trying those I liked. I either didn't like them once I got them in there, or they didn't work right. I'm going to keep looking today, but not all day again. That was too much on my poor little brain. It hurt.

There is so many really cool ones out there. I really like the dark ones, but I worry that those will make it too hard to read. Of course, the really really great ones you have to pay for. The ones I liked were mostly between $70-$80. If I were really ambitious, I'd make my own! It just seems so daunting to have to do that. Surely it's not that hard?

I'm going for the MRI results on my back today at 1:00. I'm hoping it's something that will get better with epidural steroid shots. I think I'm out of luck if it's scar tissue, though. I'm not going to worry about it until I know something for sure. Who said that? Where is Pam?!

I'm back to the searching. I'll be back later today or tomorrow. See ya. Y'all be good.


  1. I liked the black one you had originally. The brown one was nice too. I didn't find it hard to read at all! The other blue one you had was kind of .... well not YOU, but it was nice. This darker blue one is depressing though.....
    of course it could be the migraine I have talking.

  2. Hope you got good news on your back. They can be so frustrating to get fixed . . .


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