Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, the Pain!

My upper body was paralyzed with pain yesterday from CROCHETING. Lordie, I'm a pathetic old woman! I guess I can only crochet an hour per day without causing major muscle screaming. At that rate, it will take me 9 years to complete an entire project. Like it doesn't take long enough as it is. I will not stop crocheting! You can't keep me down! I will keep getting up and crocheting again!
But seriously, what the heck? I walk for a few days and blow out a disk. I crochet for a few hours and can't move. I type too much and get tendonitis and a ganglion cyst. I'm a freak.

Okay, enough of the whining. If I whine too much I might get a brain tumor so I should just move on.

Big News! A new Chinese Food place just opened near our house and they deliver sushi rolls! We ordered from them last night, and their food is really good. We are very happy about this because until now, we haven't had anyplace around here that delivers good Chinese food. The sushi rolls were just a bonus. And they are Japanese not Chinese, by the way. I got a salmon roll and Barnaby got a California roll with our dinners last night. Our entrees were big enough for at least two more meals each. Now we just need some good hamburgers around here.
Random: It feels like Friday today.

Check these out:

My grandfather was an avid rock hunter and collector, and I selected a few of them to keep when he died. I love these rocks. I found them in a box the other day and took them out and washed them again. I'm going to put them on a shelf somewhere where I can see them all the time.

I don't have anything else to talk about today. Guess I'll finish up here and wander around the house and find something to do.


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  1. helpful hint: Set your timer to go off every hour so you'll get up and move around some while you are working on your crochett project. I have to do that when I'm working on a long sit-down project and it really helps!


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