Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Pet Peave

Well, it's not really a new pet peave, but I've noticed this happening a lot lately...

You men are the absolute worst offenders in the magazine section of any store you can name. It's always a man or a teenage boy standing at the magazine rack reading a magazine directly in front of the women's magazines so no one can look at the magazines to PURCHASE.

If you're so damn cheap that you don't want to spend $3 or $4 to purchase a magazine and TAKE IT HOME to read it, at least step back away from the rack so other people can shop, dammit! I nearly lost my shit yesterday at Wal-Mart. I wanted to casually take a magazine off the rack and commence to wildly beating a man about the head and face with it. But I didn't. I guess my meds are working afterall. Hee.

And just so I'm not being totally are some things I love:

  • The $1 Menu at McDonald's
  • Drive-Thru Pharmacies
  • No Line at Starbucks
  • Amethyst
  • Finding Pennies on the Ground
  • A Baby's Feet
  • Men with Curly Hair
  • The Smell of Warm Yeast Bread
  • Clean, Crisp White Shirts
  • Having Really Short Hair
  • The Dry-Erase Board on my Fridge
  • Black & White Photos
  • Everything about Autumn
Did that make up for my pissy beginning? I hope so.

I'm going to get cleaned up and see if Barnaby wants to go to the mall. I'm on a mission for some sunglasses even though I hardly ever wear them because I can't see without prescription lenses, but I hate the prescription sunglasses I got.

I let the people at Lens Masters tell me what looked good, and that was a mistake. Every time I liked a pair, they'd say they were too big for my face. I should have just said I like them and it's my money so shut the hell up and order them please, and your ass is too big for YOUR face.

But, again, my meds must have been working and made me agreeable and pleasant. Yes, I need meds to make me pleasant and not rip your face off at the least little thing. So what? You wanna fight? Huh? Do ya? Do --

Ah-hem. Excuse me. I kinda got distracted there.

I had a toasted Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin with Apple Butter for breakfast this morning, and it was so good! Okay, I had two...and a banana. What? They were small!

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  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    $1.00 menu is like crack! BP


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