Friday, August 15, 2008

The lovely bruise from my IV on Tuesday:
Is that gigantic, or what? Jeez!

It's dark and rainy here this morning, and I'm loving it. I hope it stays this way all day!

The ice pack worked wonders last night. Barnaby and I were both asleep before 8:00 p.m. He feel asleep because he golfed yesterday and got too hot and had a headache. I'm definitely not leaving the house today and taking it easy. Looks like I have a perfect day for it.

I'll have to bake something fun today like bread or cinnamon rolls or something. You just can't have a rainy day with no great baking going on! I should have all the ingredients I need already.


Since I don't have anything interesting to tell y'all about creepy phantom voices in the night, I'll tell you about the fabulous deals I got yesterday while shopping. (I know you men are excited to hear this.)

I was all about the Clearance Rack stuff yesterday. I got two tank-type tops with lace on them at Target for $2.49 each. I nearly always sleep in tank tops, even in the winter. If it's really cold, I'll add a pair of sexy long john britches. I'm such a lovely vision in those.

I got two pairs of thong sandals at Fashion Bug on clearance for $4.98 each:

Ooo, Fancy!

And I got this Honeysuckle Eau Du Toilette and Rose Salve at Bath & Body Works:


I haven't made any leather bracelets yet. I have quite a bit of stuff to work with, though, so maybe I'll try again this weekend.

I'm off to surf some blogs and bake something! Have a good weekend...

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  1. Love the cup kooishie. I haven't seen the knitted kind like that since I was last in Texas. I seem to recall all glassware sweats in Texas! Anyway, too cute, did you make them?


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